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Xtreme Bedliner Spray

Xtreme Liner in West Salem, WI

Xtreme Truck Liners

Permanent Protection for Your Truck, Van, or Trailer from Ultimate Linings™

Protect your truck from damage with the Xtreme Liner from Ultimate Linings™. It's specially engineered to provide lifelong defense against corrosion, impacts, and abrasion.

If you drive a truck, trailer, or cargo van then you need the Xtreme Liner to best preserve the value of your vehicle and reduce maintenance costs.

Contact Hubert’s Auto Care today to schedule your spray-on bedliner installation. We serve West Salem, WI, Bangor, WI, Onalaska, WI, Holmen, WI, La Crosse, WI, and surrounding areas.

Install on New & Used Vehicles

The Xtreme Liner adds a powerful shield against outdoor elements while simultaneously adding stability with anti-skid properties so your products don't slide around in the back. If your truck or trailer bed is already scratched, cover the damage and add protection against further scratches and corrosion with the Xtreme Bedliner.

Xtreme Bed Liner Comparison

Xtreme Liners Vs the Competition

This photo shows how an Xtreme bedliner stacks up against the competition. The left shows what the truck bed rail looks like with the Xtreme Liner applied. The spray creates a deep black with shine and UV protection. On the right is a competitor's spray. It's dull, looks gray, and doesn't include UV protection.

Which would you pay your hard earned money for?

5 Xtreme Lining Benefits

Why choose the Xtreme Liner?

  • Protects against rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion
  • Conforms to every curve of your vehicle for a perfect fit
  • Easy to clean with a non-porous lining that won't crack, peel, or warp
  • Comes in many colors to complement your vehicle
  • Environmentally friendly VOC-free spray

Whether you purchased a new truck or are looking to extend the life of your longtime cargo van, you can benefit from a spray-on liner. Xtreme Liners look great and provide permanent protection against common problems that limit the life of your vehicle.

Xtreme Bed Liner photos

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